Meet the Sophya Team: Leandrit

How do you build amazing products that change peoples’ lives? With amazing people. Our team is fun, brilliant, talented, and whacky. They’re so worth knowing. So today, we want to introduce you to…




When I’m not Sophya-ing, you’ll find me: Attending college, local tech meetings, traveling, at the the gym, biking.

People always say I’m: Independent, smart, rational, cautious spender.

The most surprising thing about me: Many people don't realize that I am an introvert. I think it’s because I don’t quite fit the stereotype, but I’m definitely on the introverted side of the spectrum!

How I want to impact the world: I think that seeking to be a lifelong learner, maintaining good ethics, having a growth mindset, and giving my best in everything I do will ensure I have a great impact on the world. I also believe I can have a huge impact by contributing to Sophya, due to our big vision to help students around the world learn better.

More from me: LinkedIn & Twitter