Hi there 🙂

First, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being on this page.

Every day, we wake up and put our time, creativity, and sweat into figuring out how to make education a more engaging, personalized experience for anyone, anywhere. We wouldn’t have it any other way. So we really appreciate you taking some of your own time to hang out with us along the way.

Second, I wanted to tell you a little bit more about who we are and why we do what we do.

We are Harvard-based doctors, medical students, data scientists, researchers and software developers. We’ve been teachers. We’ve been medicine content creators for Khan Academy, and education consultants at the World Health Organization. We play a lot of video games (yes, we have a Super NES at our office) and we run a lot of trails (one of us is an ultra runner and she’s probably going on a run after this post…).

Most importantly, we love to solve really tough problems that impact as many people as possible. Our vision is lofty. And along the way, we wanna enable some pretty crazy things (writing on videos in real-time? Kinda mad!). But we think education is literally the most important thing. There are so many incredible and important things to do and solve in this world, and we believe that education is the root enabler. And we think we can make a dent in making education a more engaging, personalized, technology-enhanced experience.

Until next time!

Emma, Sophya co-founder ❤️