Meet the Sophya Team: Vish

How do you build amazing products that change peoples’ lives? With amazing people. Our team is fun, brilliant, talented, and whacky. They’re so worth knowing. So today, we want to introduce you to…


Co-Founder & CEO


When I’m not Sophya-ing, you’ll find me: Playing video games, dancing, making faces at myself in the mirror, or playing with animals.

People always say I’m: An optimist. Lol. But in truth, we have the capability to do so much more than we’re doing with ourselves and our planet. Let’s get there.

The most surprising thing about me: I don’t think people realize how nerdy I am. Yes, I’m a doctor, but I’m like…way nerdier than your average doctor. I started building computers with my brother when I was 9, got into IRC and code when I was 10, and have been a lifelong video gamer. My favorite games: Chrono Trigger, FF7, the Uncharteds and Last of Us, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The fact that we may be able to fly around in exoskeletons and learn about everything around us at a glance using advanced computer vision is extremely appealing to me.

…Extremely appealing. 🤔 ❤️

How I want to impact the world:

We have an incredible capacity as humans to be ultra magical and build compassionate systems that ensure that no person is uncared for. We can and should change our systems of education and healthcare so that every person can become what they want to be and have their own positive impact. I’m going to be a big part of constructing this system, whether it’s here on Earth or elsewhere (shoutout to my boy Musk).

Stretch goal: I also want to help humans become more ‘ecocentric’, and less ‘egocentric’.

More from me: LinkedIn. I’m also trying to be more active on Twitter - follow me! I promise I’ll be fun: @VishalPunwaniMD