Meet the Sophya Team: Morgan

How do you build amazing products that change peoples’ lives? With amazing people. Our team is fun, brilliant, talented, and whacky. They’re so worth knowing. So today, we want to introduce you to…




When I'm not Sophya-ing, you'll find me: Studying (I'm an MD-PhD student at Harvard and MIT), doing lab research on wearable devices and AI applied to healthcare, running, or trying to choreograph juggling routines to jazz and ska music.

People always say I'm: Creative. I'm a generalist, and I love thinking about how to apply ideas from disparate disciplines to solve problems in new ways. I'm always trying to strike a balance between wild imagination and the real-world needs and possibilities of people and society.

The most surprising thing about me: I speak Mandarin fluently - I started in college, and spent a few months completely immersed in the language in Nanjing and Beijing. I can also read and write, but my characters are laughable to small children in China.

How I want to impact the world: Broadly, my goal is to create new technologies that enhance human potential, reduce suffering, and/or alleviate local and global disparities in health and education. I view my work with Sophya as an incredible opportunity to advance along this path.

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