Meet the Sophya Team: Mark

How do you build amazing products that change peoples’ lives? With amazing people. Our team is fun, brilliant, talented, and whacky. They’re so worth knowing. So today, we want to introduce you to…




When I’m not sophya-ing, you’ll find me: cooking, biking, playing video game, tinkering over some puzzle.

People always say I’m: easy going when it’s not technical. I like to reserve my mental energy for when it makes a difference.

The most surprising thing about me: that I like drawing but I’m terrible at it. It’s a childhood fantasy of mine, that I still do when I don’t have access to internet.

How I want to impact the world: I want to leave this world with less unsolved puzzles than before I was born and ideally empower others to do the same. The idea of a recursive puzzle genocide pleases me as a programmer.