Meet the Sophya Team: Eddy

How do you build amazing products that change peoples’ lives? With amazing people. Our team is fun, brilliant, talented, and whacky. They’re so worth knowing. So today, we want to introduce you to…


Developer & Engineering Pioneer


When I’m not Sophya-ing, you’ll find me: writing my novel, making music, or working on a video game prototype. When I’m not creating, I’m reading, or playing video games.

People always say I’m: radically transparent. (people don’t actually say those words, but bear with me) I don’t have secrets. There’s not a thing in my life I wouldn’t tell a stranger. It’s incredibly freeing.

The most surprising thing about me: I have Muscular Dystrophy. Fortunately, it’s not fatal, and it’s given me a compassionate and humble world view. You don’t realize the value of the little things in life until you can’t do them anymore. It’s a huge reason of why I am who I am.

How I want to impact the world: I want to encourage others to share their lives with the people around them. I think if we all didn’t have secrets, the world would look much different. I think that, by extension, people would see that everyone has fears and weaknesses, be happier with who they are.

More from me: @eddywalda on Twitter. It’s the only thing that’s updated atm. 😅